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Wagyu Card

Wagyu Beef is revered as the best beef in the world and comes directly from Japan. It is distinctive in flavor due to its immense marbilization and tenderness. The higher the marbling score, the more flavoursome, tender and succulent the beef will be. We are proud to be sourcing and serving three different cuts of Kobe beef, all with an A5 marbling score, the highest score on the Japanese scale. All Wagyu Beef is priced and available to order and priced by 4-ounce serving portions.

prefecture: shiga
grade: a-5
ribeye $190

prefecture: kagawa
grade: a-5
new york strip $165

prefecture: hokkaido
grade: a-5
beef tenderloin $140

The Wagyu Card will be available daily, but a limited quantity of Wagyu Beef will be served each night.


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